Windsurf Car Racks

Since the windsurfing kit is quite an elaborate assortment of several components, carrying the kit everywhere can also be a tedious task. However, to facilitate easy transport of windsurfing kit, special car racks are available.These racks ensure easy, safe and damage-free carriage of equipments.

Car Rack Options

There are several car rack options from which you can choose according to your requirement and convenience. These racks can be attached to your cars, vans or trailers. You can not just opt for roof racks, but other rack options that suit your vehicle. Some of the most popular car rack options are as follows:

1. Tail Gate Rack: This rack option allows you to safely secure your surf board to the tail gate of an open-bed truck or trailer. The tail gate racks comprise of strong tie-down system along with a soft pad that firmly holds your surf board to the tail gate and does not allow it shift sideways when the truck is speeding.

2. Rack Pads for Car Racks: If your car already has a roof rack, then you can opt for hard rack pads. You can strap your surf board to your car rack with the Velcro pads, while the tie-down straps keep the surf board firmly attached to the car rack. It is a good idea to use a day bag with these rack pads. There are various styles and designs of rack pads from which you can choose from. Day bags hold the surf board more firmly to the car racks and also provide additional protection.

Not just for car roof racks, but there are rack pads available for tailgates too. These foam pads are gentle on your surf boards and yet firmly secure them to your van, making them the perfect option for transporting your surf boards.

These rack pads lend a sleek look to your car racks along with providing great protection to your surf boards.

3. Car Racks with Locks: If you want surf board carriers that can hold your surf boards while you go for a quick bite, you can opt for special car racks with locking facility. These racks can be attached to the existing car racks and can easily hold 3 short boards or 2 long boards.

Tips for Strapping Boards on Racks

Although car racks are very efficient in transporting your surf boards, you must remember a few basic rules while strapping your surf boards to the car racks.

1. When strapping more than one surf board, place a towel or a bed sheet between two surf boards. This would prevent accumulation of wax on the boards.
2. Do not strap the boards too tightly as this can lead to damage to the rails.
3. The boards must be strapped in an upside down position with the fins positioned at the front.

Windsurf car racks help you carry your surf boards easily to the most distant surfing destinations. Irrespective of whether your car has a ready roof or not, there are rack options that suit every car.


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